Room 6 - 8.40pm: Church of Phil (5th-13th)

Room 6 - 8.40pm: Church of Phil (5th-13th)

Postby Liammckenna » 25 Jan 2018, 17:22

This was a lovely little room in a vibrant complex in an ideal location just off the Royal Mile. Room 6 was a good size for an intimate performance, with enough room to "comfortably" fit about 25 people - 30 at a push. The stage was area was better suited to stand up than interactive prop-heavy comedy but we made do! The team using the room chipped in to buy a lamp which gave it a warmer black box feel. It had a tendency to get pretty baking hot in there though even with the windows open but it did the job and had the added bonus of a stage exit door. We only did the first week and didn't pay to be in the BIG BOOK or anything so our audience numbers were modest - we only cancelled one of the 9 shows we did though and our average was probably around 10 with weekends naturally tending to fill out a bit more. The Black Market in general was a great place to have a show and felt like a proper festival hub with the trendy bar downstairs blaring music like a nightclub all day and the dancing chef who didn't seem to ever take a break. Had we been there for the entire run I reckon audience numbers would have picked up as word was getting around about the place, not surprising as you've got like 8 shows to choose from at any one time. I don't know if the venue will be in existence come August but it would definitely benefit the Free Fringe if it did.
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