Room 7 - How to be a Psychic Conman

Room 7 - How to be a Psychic Conman

Postby ashpryce_2017 » 12 Nov 2017, 04:51

Black Market is well situated, in fact as far as locations go it is probably beaten only by Cowgate for being a really good area with plenty of walk bys. The bar area was nice, spacious, and the ground floor generally easy to navigate, decent. The room we had was room 7, which was a last minute emergency add on – due to losing Bar bados rooms - which allows for a certain amount of wiggle room with describing it. It was not the easiest room to find within the venue as it involved a mini adventure to reach and I know we lost audiences to other shows and rooms (mainly room 4) as they attempted to find us. For my show the space itself wasn’t detrimental to the show, it didn’t create any issues with staging, performance, or size. It just wasn’t particularly nice compared to even some of the rooms within the same complex – but again, I accept that is due to it being an almost last minute addition that was never intended to be a space in the first place. One thing worth considering for next year is what type of acts are programmed in – none of the spaces are particularly great for theatre shows, but for one or two person shows (especially comedic shows) it actually works pretty well.

Audiences were smaller than expected for the show. How to be a Psychic Conman is my “bread and butter show”. It’s the one I do that I know will get a good crowd, and good takings, and therefore allow me to do a more experimental piece with my second show. This year, for the first time since I debuted it in 2012, I had shows not run. This was in part due to not being in any of the printed materials due to being a refugee from the Bar Bados snafu.

Thankfully, as the run went on, numbers picked up as we were able to get more fliering done, word of mouth helped, and the Free Fringe app is a huge, huge help (and all acts should be pushing that app as much as they should be pushing the WBB)

Takings, though working out the average per head amount, were down on previous years- again due to audience numbers being smaller- due to factors already mentioned.

That all said – I want to extend a personal thank you to Frank and Margaret for helping rectify Bar Bados issues and actually ensuring I had a venue to perform in. I may not have done as well as I’d expected, but I still did better than a lot of acts and that’s down to the Free Fringe and how it works.

Things to consider if you are an act in this venue in future years:
- You need to look at signage. Some rooms are less easy to find than others so acts in this venue should work together to create proper signage
- The space works best for one or two person shows. Lighting is extremely limited and if you are a theatre show you may want to think carefully about what you are bringing in.
- It is quite easy to flyer people in the bar downstairs, but this year there was a silent disco that came in in the afternoon.
- Possibly the best chips in Edinburgh.
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