Room 4 - 6:55 - (500) Days of Stammer

Room 4 - 6:55 - (500) Days of Stammer

Postby aidangreene » 03 Nov 2017, 15:27

The venue:
Black Market was a new ‘pop-up’ venue at this years fringe. It was located just beside Waverly Station, which made it an easy location to direct people to. It had a great bar/food area where punters would come in. There was 8 rooms in total and a sort of foyer area which had the show times in. This was often a good place to catch audience either looking for a show, or coming out of a show.

The performance area:
I was in Room 4. This seated 50 - 65 people. There was roughly 50 chairs with extra high stools at the back. On busy day audience members sat in front of the stage and against the wall. There were two large windows at the back of the room with blinds. These effectively kept out light.

There was a door at the back of the room which led to an kitchenette area. I effectively used this as a mini green room. On hot day I left this door open and the window in that room open to provide relief from the heat.

There was very little sound bleed for me. Occasionally you could hear music coming from the bar when all the windows were open (but that could have been from across on princes st).

Technical Set-up:
In Room 4 we had two speakers, mic with stand and an aux chord which was bought by one of the acts. David got a spot light from the room which was a huge help. I bought two fans during the run (the first was a baby one which did nothing) which I pointed at the crowd. The first day someone fainted so I thought this best.

I used a tiny projector to show an introductory video which I pointed at a side wall. This was viewable to 90% of the crowd.

The team in black market were a delight. Everyone who worked there was very friendly and super helpful. Food and drink was discounted for performers. Audience members were always served quickly and got to the show on time. The bar staff would also change my coins into notes after performances which was super helpful.

Advertisement / Marketing:
For my show I got 5,000 flyers and 25 posters. Most of the posters went up in the venue, where I could find space. Other were thrown up around the city but I don’t think I got anyone in off the back of that. The flyers were stored safely in the venue for the entire run.

My show had a very distinct pitch, and a recognisable poster/flyer. This helped sell the show as I had developed a short, 2 line pitch to give when doing comp spots or flyering

I exit flyered around 4/5 shows a day. Then for an hour before my show I stood at the end of Cockburn street. At this time of day flyering there was effective. I did one extra 9:45pm show on the last day and flyering here wasn’t as effective. Most passers-by were on their way to the train station. It seems flyering in this area was very dependant on the time of day. Later shows may be better of flyering on the Royal Mile.

Hard to say where my audience came from. Some mentioned wbb, the time of the show helped with that.This year I was in the Fringe Brochure. It seems a lot of people found my show from this. The show seemed to have strong word of mouth which pushed audience numbers. No reviewers this year.

Audience / Bucket:
My audience was consistently high throughout the run. On Saturdays I had to turn away 30+ people. Week 3 had the lowest numbers but it never dropped below 40. The bucket varied but was generally quite good. I’d say I got roughly £2-3 per person.

I did occasionally have children in, not sure how this happened but I occasionally did have to alter some bits to suit a younger crowd.

The Show Itself:
My show was a storytelling standup show about stammering and falling in love. I had brought over a show with the same title last year, but I stripped away 25 minutes of it, wrote an extra 35 and beefed up the story. It was a very tight show this year and got great feedback from audiences. I had a introductory video at the start.

“Award-winning comedian Aidan Greene always wanted to meet the one, but his stammer always seemed to get in the way. In a classic tale of boy-meets-speech impediment, come learn why Aidan's stammer may have been the best thing to ever happen to him.”

All of the acts in room 4 were a delight to work with. Special shout out to David Tsonos, the venue captain, and the smokey Monkeys, who were on after me. Aside from one or two issues with poster thieves and audience stealers everyone in the venue was a delight to work with. Every time we needed something we got it quickly enough that it was never an issue. The only issue was that some acts didn’t clean up after themselves (Smokey Monkeys worked overtime on that), one day there was potato bread all over the floor.

The foyer entrance was also great as there was usually someone there to direct audiences to their correct show.

All in all Black Market was a huge success. On a personal note I couldn’t have asked for a better venue. My show time of 6:55 was perfect, my audience always found the venue and the other acts were helpful. I would love to get back there again next year if it still exists. Between the bar staff and the other acts everyone was super friendly and helpful. There was a good stuttered time difference in between shows so there usually wasn’t too much log jams in the hallways. Room 4 was a perfect comedy room.

A big thank you to all the acts in the venue and everyone in PBH who helped make this a successful run. I look forward to working with you all in the future.
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