Room 1, 21-26 Aug, 22:50 - Horror

Room 1, 21-26 Aug, 22:50 - Horror

Postby horror_blackmarket » 11 Oct 2017, 07:38

As other performers have written, Black Market was a fantastic space to be in. The bar and the small foyer leading to the rooms made it very easy to talk to people and get them interested in your show. The venue staff were absolutely lovely, always friendly and helpful. Our Venue Captain David was always around in the evening (probably also during the day) to ask performers how things were going and to help punters find shows.

Room 1 was located on the ground floor, right next to Room 2, and seated approx. 30 people. The wall between Room 1 and 2 was quite thin, so unfortunately I had some noise come in from next door (which was especially bad when I was doing one of my more quiet pieces, and the Cabaret in Room 2 had a music or dance act on...). The room heated up pretty fast, so usually I left the window open. There was some noise coming up from the train station, but that didn't interrupt the performance.

There was a mic + amplifier in the room (I never used the amplifier because the room was small enough to do without), and the lighting for the stage was just the normal room light. If I do another show next year, I'll bring a small spotlight to have a more theatre-y effect.

I didn't get to do a lot of advertising for Horror because I worked on another show until 7pm every day, but I usually did an hour on the Mile and then an hour at Black Market (I think most of my audience were people that I talked to at the bar at Black Market). Also I tried to exit flyer some Spoken Word shows at the Banshee Labyrinth. My audience ranged between 12 and 22, which I was happy with.
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