ROOM 4, 14th to 26th Aug 22.25 Collins, MCgrath & Morgan

ROOM 4, 14th to 26th Aug 22.25 Collins, MCgrath & Morgan

Postby johnquiche » 23 Sep 2017, 12:46

Collins, McGrath and Morgan Are...Welsh.

We were in Room 4 and it was a good size (biggest in the venue), clean and tidy, good seats, fitting at least 50 and with a kitchenette/green room to the side. which was excellent for storage and getting ready. There was no noise bleed from the other rooms. the only thing was we overlooked one of the platforms at Waverley Station and there was a regular train that would interrurpt but as we were a comedy show it was easily incorporated into the show. The only slight downside was the spot lights could have been a bit better but they were still adequate.

Some people found the entrance door in the middle a problem because audience members couldn't sneak in or out so maybe it did put some audience off coming in if a show had already started but a simple notice saying you will not be picked on if you come in late would have sorted that I think. I didn't find people coming in 5 mins later a problem.

MIc and PA very good and easy to use

David was a good venue/room captain approachable and always around.

My fellow performers were great and I didn't see any arguments or bitchiness we all mucked in together. All of the venue staff were excellent and the food and drink were very good value me and Karen had dinner there several times. best fish and chips going.

I agree with a fellow performer that it did feel like a hub but there could have been more signage outside and more visable direction to the various rooms.

We didn't have very big audiences and therefore a great amount in the bucket. But this was due to several other shows starting at the same time. (two friends of mine had a show after midnight that did well because they had a clear field) but we also didn't have zero audience day either. One of our guest performers said that they thought it was a great room just a bit of a pain to find. We did have a good audience on 6 of the 13 days due to my flyering for 3 plus hours.

In all a good room, good captain, good staff and food and drink but we didn't have good audience figures due to 3 other shows starting at the same time and also my colleagues not flyering anywhere near as much as myself.
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