Room 6 - 12:30pm - Children and Other Mistakes (5th-26th)

Room 6 - 12:30pm - Children and Other Mistakes (5th-26th)

Postby Daniel John Smith » 17 Sep 2017, 11:32

Black Market was a great venue to be in - having lots of shows on all the time meant the place always felt lively. The bar staff were really nice as well, so all in all it created a really good atmosphere.

Room 6 was well set up thanks to our room captain Rajiv, and others who helped. We bought lights and black backdrops to block out the windows behind the stage and I think I contributed £13 to that (it was different for each show, measured on the length of their run). The worst thing about the room was the heat - something all the rooms at Black Market seemed to suffer from. Even with both windows open, and both doors open, and a fan on, it would get uncomfortably sweaty. This was especially bad when the room was full (we had seating for about 26-28 people, and standing room for around 5 more).

My room was difficult (for me) to fill with my time slot and reasonably dirty show content. My lowest audience was 2, and I filled the room on the weekends. The bucket take averaged around £2 per audience member, with my highest being the final day with about £85 total.

If some air conditioning was installed and the walls and ceilings painted black this would be the perfect venue - but even without that I would still be happy to return, although at a later time slot.
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