Room 5 - 6.15pm - Marjolein Robertson

Room 5 - 6.15pm - Marjolein Robertson

Postby MarjoleinRobertson » 07 Sep 2017, 11:36

- The venue – Black Market was brilliant, due to the 8 rooms there was a good number of punters at the bar at anyone time that you could approach about your show. I tended to do all my outdoor flyering on the Cowgate, due to the large number of footfall looking for free shows, and an earlier error, meaning I was located at Opium in the Edfringe programme, more on that later. Back to Black Market - great bar and take away, the most lovely staff, and performers really got the chance to become part of a community there during the Fringe. Also there was real camaraderie with all the performers, helping punters find the right room, suggesting shows for them to see after their own. It was such a nice community.

- The performance area – I was in Room 5, which seated 32. There were only three days in my 21 day run where I didn't have a full room, most often with folk on the ground and standing at the back. I really loved this venue, and would want to be back again, but as I kept turning people away, most nights, a larger room would be better. Sometimes the room was full of empties when I came in, I always helped clear the show before me and after my show, before Marc Jennings. Who was a delight to have after myself, nice swap over.
The flyer room 'Green Room' could fill up with empties and half fulls when not looked after well, kudos to the two Alans of Triple A for investing in bin bags for the room to encourage tidying. Also, I used to keep the windows open during my show, you got a small bit of noise drifting in, but really I think the audience enjoyed the air more than they did absolute silence from outside. I always checked with the audience about leaving the windows open.

- The team of staff at the venue
– Absolutely lovely, bar staff and take away staff. They were all so lovely, and helpful, and a joy to see everyday. When you were exhausted, just half way through the run, you walked into the venue and they lifted your spirits. They worked hard all month and along with all the performers really made the community at Black Market.

- How you advertised your show - 1000 flyers (didn't use all) & 50 posters. I also set up a Facebook page and event. I was also in the Edfringe programme, printed programme had incorrect details (although this will be explained later), although the Edfringe online details and app were correct. I would say here, as probably most folk do, but THANK YOU PBH'S WEE BLUE BOOK! That really helped get folk in. Also I do online videos for BBC The Social, so I had interest via that, and also, being a Shetlander I get a lot of Islanders in the door that way too.

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers – On average I had about 34+ per show. The smallest crowd was about 23. Most days I had to turn folk away, which is brilliant and sad at the same time.

- Your show itself - Stand up with story telling elements - looking at relationships, political, familial but mainly 'romantic' from the viewpoint of a small islander.

- Buckets – Were good however I get a lot of young Shetlanders in who I know are students, so my bucket spiel isn't the best. It's turned into a "Don't feel bad if you don't have money on you, just tell your richer friends to come tomorrow" but I always make a point of explaining what PBH's Free Fringe is to the crowd and how as performers we benefit from the organisation. Also encourage them to see more shows in PBH's Free Fringe.

- Technical set-up at the venue
– We had two mics, the mic stand broke quite early on, not sure how, I was planning to use it for one of the stories so I could mime, but in the end just held it the entirety of the show. We had a light and jack to jack lead brought in by other performers, that was great. One of the mics was in the flyer room so we could do off stage announcements. Sometimes it went wandering, once someone start beat boxing into it during my show. That was weird and annoying, so after that I sent an email to Tom Little to suggest turning the volume down on that mic at the start of your show to avoid such things happening again.

- Admin & Communication process
– Really great, our Venue Captain Tom Little was very good at keeping in touch and you could talk to him about any issues and he would stay on top of it. Also, the opening ceremony for PBH was good, I would recommend anyone who hasn't been to one before, next Summer get to it! You learn a lot, appreciate the work gone into the PBH Free Fringe and it's a great chance to network and find about other interesting shows!

- Any Other Points - Because I touched on this and didn't properly explain it earlier I would like to write about it now: the change of venue. Earlier on this year I was in a different room, however due to an error in the processing of rooms it was double booked so I was moved into Black Market in the start of June. At first I was upset, as I was in the printed programme as being in a different room/venue/time. However, those at PBH changed it very well, so my new time, was after my original time, giving punters the opportunity to get to my new venue before the show began, with enough time to get a pint too! Also, although my printed programme was wrong, I was able to have EdFringe update the online app and online programme. As well as this PBH's Wee Blue Book had all my info correct, and as far as I'm concerned, that printed programme brings in more folk than the Edfringe one. I know of a few folk who were caught off by this, going to my original venue, however the staff at the original venue were great at redirecting folk. All in all, PBH's Free Fringe is run by volunteers who do a sterling job, and in the end, I absolutely loved my room at the Black Market and fell in love with the venue the Black Market. So there are no issues for me, and I had a great run, met brilliant folk and really hope to be a part of PBH's Free Fringe in 2018!
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