18:10pm || Raise the Bar Spoken Word ‘Poetry Versus (Room 1)

18:10pm || Raise the Bar Spoken Word ‘Poetry Versus (Room 1)

Postby rtbspokenword » 02 Sep 2017, 12:34

This was our first time running an event in Black Market. We were in Room 1 (downstairs) from 18:10-19:10pm from 16th-26th August, running an open mic poetry event ‘Spotlight’ with one feature act each night. It’s a really interesting space - a cool and chilled venue, and generally you get really nice people coming into the venue who you might be able to convince to come into the show if they’re just sitting around.

There’s a great storage room to keep your flyers, posters and other bits, a really nice staff team, and also a great bar adjacent to the performance rooms and also a fish and chips kitchen which serves excellent and reasonably priced food!

The room was really nice, but we were next door to a live rap show, and had a bit of trouble liaising with the act who was playing his PA really loudly, but this still wasn’t enough to affect the event significantly. The microphone and stand broke halfway through our run, but it still produced sound and we managed to survive! To the venue’s credit they had replaced it after a couple of days.

The time of day in the evening was really good for our show, as it’s a bit more chill and ideal for poetry. Late night is a lot better if you’re a cabaret, live performance, music act etc as the venue gets really full of people up for a good time and wanting to see an interesting show!

The only thing to note about the venue’s location is that it is by the train station, and not in the heart of the Fringe areas (even though it’s near enough to the Mile, etc). This means if you’re flyering outside a lot of the passing traffic are commuters, people with suitcases just arriving/leaving, etc, and not necessarily the best target crowd, so it’s worth flyering in other places too, and then in and around the venue 30 minutes before the show.

It’s a really nice space with a good staff team and good chance of getting a crowd if you promote well, so we’d really recommend the venue!
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