Marc Jennings: Smart-Funny (Room 5, 7:25PM)

Marc Jennings: Smart-Funny (Room 5, 7:25PM)

Postby Marc Jennings » 01 Sep 2017, 15:05

Thanks so much for my slot at this year's PBH Free Fringe - I had by far my most enjoyable Fringe to date and absolutely loved my room, venue and timeslot.

I'd been in Bar Bados(formerly Cowgatehead) in previous years and had been used to the footfall around the Cowgate so was a little worried beforehand at Black Market being slightly further away from the action, so to speak. But thankfully the venue was a real hub with a great vibe and constant stream of people in the bar and coming in and out of shows which meant I ended up with a full room (in a 40 capacity) basically every night.

The room itself was great as it was tight and compact which kept the laughs in and gave it a really intimate feel, making it an absolute joy to play every night. On busier days it could get a bit cramped and there were a few occasions (particuarly Saturdays) where I had to turn quite a number of folk away, however I'd be happy to have this size of room in future as it's so much nicer having it compact than a bigger room that could feel a bit flatter on the occasions when there's not as many in.

I'd like to give a big thanks to Marjolein Robertson who's show was on before mine and was so helpful in the handover and in tidying the room/helping get the audience in for my show. Her help was invaluable and really epitomised the spirit of the Free Fringe. The other guys in the room such as Tom Short, Tom Little and Andy Storey (who I believe brought the spotlight), not to mention venue captain David Tsonis, were all brilliant as well and all mucked in to make it a fantastic run.

Again just such a massive thanks for such a lovely slot in a great room. I'll be looking to do my full debut hour next year and would be delighted with such a brilliant spot to perform as I had this year.
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