Brain Rinse 11pm Room 6

Brain Rinse 11pm Room 6

Postby mikeraffone » 01 Sep 2017, 11:55

Well what a potentially great venue The Black Market is, and I hope we get it next year.

First off, I cannot praise enough the energy and commitment of the acts that were at the venue, and indeed my room. But I also want to praise the room and venue captains for organizing the work that was needed to be done meaning that the venue very quickly took shape.

Loved the idea of the graffiti sign posts but feel that it wasn't clear when put up against the posters. I had a lot of latecomers who couldn't find the room. I got some great material out of it, but hope that shows did not loose audience because of this. It was the first time, so I'm sure that it can be made clear next year.

Room six was really well set up with a decent black out, but became a very uncomfortable sweat box when audiences were more than 20 (even with a fan). It was in reality a 20 capacity venue, which was odd as there was a room next to it not being used that would comfortably hold 30 plus. I don't know if different rooms could be used, but it may be an idea to use the bigger room and have the smaller one as storage.

I do want to say a big thank you to Rajiv for his efforts in making it a nice room to play, all be it tiny.

PBH has some great flagship venues like the liquid rooms that are run really well. My hope is that Black Market becomes a flaghsip venue for smaller capacity shows. This is said in no way as a moan, or to detract from the efforts of all the unpaid volunteers but PBH needs a flagship venue for smaller shows that are building there reputation and audience. I was confirmed very late this year with a time slot that I felt was not the best for my show. I put great efforts into promoting the show whilst in Edinburgh and managed to fill the room at weekends, but not always with an audience that fully appreciated what I was doing. Hopefully this venue will enable confirmations to be made earlier so that marketing before The Fringe can begin. I understand the PBH tries to accommodate everyone and I applaud that, but I fear that small shows may not get as good a deal as they could, thus making it difficult to build a following that they probably deserve, year on year. This is more of a hope as I know some people work tirelessly.

On the whole a great venue though.
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