An Imp-revised History of the World (8:05pm, Room 4)

An Imp-revised History of the World (8:05pm, Room 4)

Postby smokymonkeys » 31 Aug 2017, 13:15

This was our first full fringe run, after a successful 11 days last year. It was a great success, very few empty seats and over £2 per head average bucket take.

The room is a good size, fitting around 50 people.
Queuing works well as there's one long corridor outside.
It got quite hot, and with the window open there was train noise, but generally it's a good space. Possibly not ideal for an improv troupe, as there's no "wings" but all in all it was a really good space.

The bar was simply superb. Spacious, comfortable and cool with a great atmosphere. It was a dream to be able to direct punters there in good time for a drink and even some chips. Location was good, lots of passing trade and the staff were friendly and helpful.

We had a great run here and the venue played a big part in that. Fingers crossed it's back next year.
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