RE - Where’s my porridge. Race, Sex and Fairy TRoom 3 and 4

RE - Where’s my porridge. Race, Sex and Fairy TRoom 3 and 4

Postby Boshir Ahmed » 31 Aug 2017, 10:23

RE - Where’s my porridge. Race, Sex and Fairy Tales (people never read this bit)
Black Market – The Venue was 8 rooms with friendly staff with a bar and fish and chips.
My room were OK, but the equipment was not being left in the right order for a few days in room 3 then it was fixed after someone c complained. On the last week I was moved to room four, this took a while to get used to.
First few days I lost my voice, as I like to shout like John Cleese, I had to tone down my voice for the next few days with Vocazone and sweets.
I made some good friends who shared advice on flyering. I tried to see each other‘s shows.
Flyering was weird at first, as I had not done it before then, the I got louder and animated then got tired, then I did a bit dancing which got some laughs but his also got me tired, at the end I was using less energy and less flyering, closer to the time and location of venue.
I had never done a 1 hour show before, I had people leaving, staying, staring at me, some even laughing, and some also throw something in the bucket, and I felt like giving it back.
Lessons learnt, try to do a show with less shouting to save my voice and will also to work on improving my jokes for next year.

Thank you.

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