room 4, 4.35pm Never Been 61 Before

room 4, 4.35pm Never Been 61 Before

Postby maxine » 31 Aug 2017, 08:34

Best of five Edinburgh rooms I've had (Cowgatehead in its first year - bit scruffy; Sabor - sabotaging staff; Cabaret Voltaire cinema - tiny room with bad noise bleed, shows starting at same time leading to audience confusion and poaching; paid room with Spotlites when PBH venue fell through - short turnover time, pokey basement, admin very curt once money paid over.) Staff here exemplary and seemed to enjoy having us, entering fully into the spirit of things. Venue itself good selling point: spacious bar area, good food, around 80 shows a day so they don't have to move once they get there, easy to direct people to - round the corner from station, next to Dungeon. On last point they often walked straight past as there was no big, obvious Black Market sign outside. Room 4 itself spacious and quiet with handy little kitchenette area next to it, like a green room with no public access (or so I thought when I left my phone charging there and it was stolen). Black Market became quite a hub over the festival. Acts were helpful to each other and it was just about the smoothest Edinburgh experience I've had. Hope things take their time with reallocation of venue and it remains free for us to use next year.
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