Room 4 -23:35 - Drunk and Heckle Show

Room 4 -23:35 - Drunk and Heckle Show

Postby Dtsonos » 30 Aug 2017, 23:52

Room 4 is probably the best room in Black Market it has no noise bleed from the other rooms and is the largest, maybe 60 people can fit in there. I was to late at night for a good weekday crowd but weekends were full as well as good Monday night too. Tuesday-Thursday was a struggle though. Bad buckets at night with mostly students coming to watch but weekends it pick up. The one problem with Black Market is with 8 room all the shows started to close together. Room 1 and 2 should of started 30 min apart and then only have 4 rooms upstairs each starting 15 min apart I had a few people only watching part of my show in order to kill time for their next show and people coming in late after finishing watching another one, the door is in the middle of the room so sneaking in quietly was impossible. Staff were great and the food was surprisingly good. Overall a great venue and hopefully it will return to PBH next year.
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