4pm Room 6 Shelf (15th - 26th)

4pm Room 6 Shelf (15th - 26th)

Postby shelfcomedy » 30 Aug 2017, 16:03

Black Market is the best venue we've been in so far. The bar and staff were lovely, and the venue felt like a hub with lots of people hanging around to check out multiple shows.

Rajiv was an excellent captain for the room, arranging backdrop and lighting on the first day which made the room look professional, and David was a great venue captain- everything ran very smoothly.

We only had one day with lower audience, and even then the room was half full. Bucket takings were fantastic- our lowest was about £50 but we were usually hitting between £70 and £100.

The only drawbacks were that the room could be incredibly hot, and that we frequently had to turn people away when the room got too full. We really, really hope this is a venue again next year because we'd love to come back!
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