Room 6 - 00:10 - Full run. The Hyper Bowl

Room 6 - 00:10 - Full run. The Hyper Bowl

Postby USOL_comedy » 31 Jan 2018, 20:53

6 could be a tight fit, it held about 20-25 at max but perfect for lower profile or more intimate shows. Our show was pretty chaotic so having everyone packed in actually helped us a lot of the time. The room itself was fine, lights and PA's made it workable. It's worth noting that Black Market held a few shows in rooms around a nightclub so noise bleed was inevitable, this came from the club and other performances. This didn't give us too much of a problem but other shows might suffer as a result. There was storage space behind the performance area which was incredibly useful.

The bar itself was pretty busy on weekends which made for a good atmosphere, the staff were friendly and helpful. There was also a discount for performers.

Decent location, pretty much equidistant between The Royal Mile and Princes Street. There was a fair amount of passing foot traffic but because the venue was very close the Waverly station, a lot of people were in transit and not looking for shows. We had our best results from flying earlier in the day around Grassmarket/Royal Mile, the venue is very easy to find.

Not really an issue for us but the corridors and stairways around the rooms were pretty tight so I can see how it might be tricky in certain circumstances.

Overall, a decent venue in a central location. I'd be happy to return here in '18.
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