Room 1 16.15 Love and Lovell's Comedy Love in (odd dates)

Room 1 16.15 Love and Lovell's Comedy Love in (odd dates)

Postby TheManinTheBowlerHat » 14 Nov 2017, 18:06

Venue: Barbados is set of rooms above a bar on Cowgate

Performance Space: The room itself was fine, sat about 60 people. However signage for the different rooms was poor.

Venue Staff: I didn't meet or have any interaction with any venue staff.

How you advertised your show: The show was only in the PBH programme, two of us also flyered for about an hour before the show.

Audience Numbers: Audience numbers were tiny. We cancelled two shows due to lack of audience, and for the other show we had the grand total of two people

Show itself: We didn't really do it, we just chatted to the people there instead.

Buckets: We didn't bother.

Technical set up: Seemed fine but we never used it.

Admin: Didn't really affect us.

Other Points: Some sound bleed.

Overview: Room itself was nice but difficult to find. I'd never tried to do a show on people's days off before, and all my previous shows had also been advertised in the official programme too. What I've learnt from this experience is that doing a show that isn't a regular show might require a different marketing approach.
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