300 to 1 in Room 3, 21.30

300 to 1 in Room 3, 21.30

Postby corinrj » 07 Sep 2017, 15:51

Room 3 in BarBados, on Cowgate. Theatre piece at 21.30

The performance area. Small stage, but I've used smaller. If it had been an ensemble piece rather than a solo-show I think we'd have struggled! Real difficulty with noise bleed. I'm a very loud performer (I know the show next door incorporated my various shouts into their show) but in the quiet moments it was very tough to keep the required atmosphere, especially on the Saturday with the noise from the bar: Always a bit of an issues but especially on the Saturday nights.

The staff at the venue: The bar staff were fine, although I got charged three different prices for a pineapple juice over the month. Serious problem with the door staff. I'm fully aware of the need for increased security, but there are ways of dealing with the public that aren't actively off-putting. In addition general surliness (a common problem with door staff the world over) there was a specific issue with bringing in bottles of water. I was told I couldn't bring in a bottle on opening night, despite that it was actually going to be on stage. A friend coming to see the show later in the run had a similar issue and was told, "get rid of it or go elsewhere". Given that we don't charge for tickets I wonder how many people did exactly that. Certainly my friend told me, if she hadn't come specifically to see me, she would have, as there are plenty of other free shows to choose from. If the venue must have this policy (which seems less than sensible to me, but nevertheless) the door staff MUST be more welcoming, apologise for inconvenience, etc. They are actively losing business for us and for their own bar. I'd be happy to provide customer service training if the venue would like!

Small audiences. As much my fault as anything else - I didn't have enough posters, or do very much flyering, mainly because I was involved in three shows and moving house. Having said that, the audiences loved it, and comments on the edfringe website were lovely

Buckets averaged £20 per show

Technical set-up at the venue was fine for me - my show has only one sound effect at the beginning, and even that can be dispensed with at a pinch. Had to borrow a lead from Richard Massera to connect my phone to the speakers.

Useful having the Facebook group, and you soon got to know who was on in the shows around your own, though I still don't know who was the 'room captain' for room 3. Therefore, although I think most people helped out, it might have been useful to have a direct reminder (instruction?) to do a pick-up after the show! It would also have been useful to have a designated area in the communal space for audience's discarded cups & bottles etc.

All in all, I had a really positive Fringe, loved meeting and working with the other performers at the venue. I would be surprised if I'm not back next year!
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