Room 1 16:15 - I'm always a Bridesmaid - Theatre

Room 1 16:15 - I'm always a Bridesmaid - Theatre

Postby Dtsonos » 30 Aug 2017, 23:42

It was an overall good run in this room. I had to block off the back chairs because you simply could not see the stage from far back so I turned my 80 seats into only 55. We always had at least 25 in for the play and full on Saturdays, not the best bucket though but over all a good run. I was in the Big book which I think is important for a play. It was handy to have the backstage area for actors to come and go and to put our props away. Some of the props were used by others which I was ok with but they were not always put back where they found them this is crucial when sharing a space. There was bad noise bleed from room 6 but that was because room 6 was an add on room I suggest not doing it next year as it was to much some days. We never received a Black Backdrop so I purchased a few sheets and also a few lights and some other things that everyone in room 1 chipped in for which was nice to see a good team spirit.
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