Single comedians

Single comedians

Postby Miranda_Kane » 30 Aug 2017, 13:57

- The venue - Room 6 in BarBados, a pop-up venue on Cowgate,
- The performance area - Good stage, but got hotter as the day went on. Ended up swapping to Room 5 as all performances had ended in the venue by the time we started. It was a lot cooler and didn't have as much noise bleed.
- The team of staff at the venue - Didn't get to meet many as they're all working at the bar, but PBH performers were friendly and helpful and we all muddled in, which is the secret to being in a pop-up venue - you have to work as a team.
- How you advertised your show - Flyers, posters, word of mouth. Some posters in the venue too.
- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - great audience numbers! We filled the room most nights as we were the only performance going in.
- Your show itself - Mad-cap and with all the flirting you could ask for. Went well!
- Buckets - Averaged £2 ph
- Technical set-up at the venue - There is none. our room was precariously living off a plug in another room, but it was all sorted with an extra long extention cable. Have to give a big thank You to Danny Ward who brought a light and fan for the venue and worked hard to turn it into a great performance space.
- Admin & Communication process - Great communication through use of Facebook group

- Any other learning points for anyone involved - Yes, some imperative things to remember if you are using BarBados!

1) Turn up for the Get-In, there's loads to do and the more hands on you are the more you will get to know your fellow performers.
2) There was some storage space but you could only access it through going through another room, which meant there was only a small window between shows.
3) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TIDYING THE VENUE! Clean it before and after you show including the communal space. If your audience see shit on the floor, that is what they think your show is worth.
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