Show Report 2017- The Committee

Show Report 2017- The Committee

Postby MaxDickins » 30 Aug 2017, 10:48

We were in Room 1 at 6:45.

We had pretty good numbers for the whole run which was great. The room worked pretty well. It was hot, but not ridiculous. It was long and thin which mean't that you risked losing people in the second half of the room as they felt quite far away, but that is nit-picking. David Tsonos did a great job beautifying the stage with a new backdrop, and lighting it with some lamps he bought which everyone appreciated. Noise bleed could be a problem, although not from the adjacent room but from the bar downstairs who occasionally had their music on ludicrously loud. In general it was fine though.

The location is great for getting in punters and everybody made a great job of turning a building site into a very playable space by the start of the run. We'd be happy to return to the room and were grateful for the opportunity. Viva the Free Fringe!
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