21:50 Banqueting Hall: A Matter of Time (1st week)

21:50 Banqueting Hall: A Matter of Time (1st week)

Postby Bibi June » 13 Dec 2017, 20:53

It was our first time at the Fringe and the Banshee was an incredible venue. We were in the Banqueting Hall, which accommodates about 30 people. Due to the size and shape of the room, it felt busy even on our quieter night with +-15 people, which is a nice feature.

We performed a spoken word theatre show with four performers, sharing the two available mics between us. We had very few tech issues and the Banshee staff were incredibly helpful the one time we did. Because the Banshee is also a busy bar and there's no door to the space, there is often noise leaking in from the main areas. Having a pal stationed near the exit to ask people to be quiet when necessary can help with this, but it's generally not too much of a disturbance. It's a small price to pay for an otherwise wonderful venue!

The Banshee is ideally located, nearly always full of people and we generally got at least 5-10 people in by just doing a sweep of the bar before the show started. It's also a good place to hang out during the day when you're not flyering or watching others shows. There's a lot of spoken word on, and everyone we met in terms of staff & other performers were absolutely wonderful.

Overall we had a fantastic run, great audiences and a relatively low-stress experience thanks to all the amazing people in and around the Banshee!
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