21:45 Cinema Room, Apocalypse Live with Professor Jack Darcy

21:45 Cinema Room, Apocalypse Live with Professor Jack Darcy

Postby Professor Jack Darcy » 28 Nov 2017, 16:44

Performing at the Banshee Labyrinth Cinema Room was a dream come true. My first year at the fringe and I had full houses nearly every night of the run, a four star review and a decent bucket take that amounted to a small profit. Thank you Banshee!

The captain, staff and other performers were extremely helpful with advice and technical support and I always felt like there were answers to my questions and friendly faces before and after the show.

As well as being one of the best small venues on the fringe - complete with raked seating, excellent sound, projector, massive screen, mixing desk, (everything but the kitchen sink) - it is also located on one of the link roads between Cowgate and the Royal Mile. So as well as Banshee being a trusted venue for catching a show (lots of people turn up without having particular plans) it is also very well located for passing traffic.

I had very limited success with flyering away from the venue and/or more than an hour before the show, which is probably an issue with overwhelm felt by everyone. I did however have a very high ‘conversion rate’ from conversations I had with punters outside the club in the hour before the show. Far from the nightmare of shouting into the void that I’d been expecting, I found people were warm, friendly and very happy to hear about the show.

I’d guess my audience was roughly half people I got in off the street in the hour before the show and half word of mouth/recommendations/people who bought into the branding of the show having seen my flyer or the listing in the wee blue book. (With the exception of the bizarre last night of the run. The paid fringe had finished the night before and the venue and indeed Edinburgh seemed like a ghost town. During my soundcheck I was preparing to have my first low turnout, or even an empty room, but when I opened the door 66 people were queuing out into the street. Where they came from I will never know!)

One word of caution when flyering, the Banshee has a disproportionate number of non-english speaking groups of friends and families who come there for a drink. If you do a mime show - that is definitely going to be in your favour, but if you’re doing reference-heavy political comedy like me you might want to be selective with who you flyer. (Although, without exception, be nice to everyone you meet!).


The Toilets:
Imagine Francis Ford Coppola circa Apocalypse Now doing a documentary about 1990’s British Rail facilities.

The Heat:
One of the problems of rising global temperatures is ‘extreme heat events’ where it’s medically dangerous to do anything other than sit still. That’s the cinema room on a Saturday night.

In short, amazing venue, wonderful staff, great customers and lots of them. Hoping (and working) to be back there next year!
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