19:50, Chamber Room, Skeptics On The Fringe

19:50, Chamber Room, Skeptics On The Fringe

Postby EdSkeptics » 23 Oct 2017, 14:42

Our fourth year in this timeslot and we did alright once again. A small takings and audience drop on last year for what could be all manner of reasons - including marketing fails on our part - but within our acceptable buffer and good promotion for our other events. We had our usual cast of crew and volunteers but once again were hampered by most of us having 9-5 jobs in the city.

The staff are fantastic (more below). Flyer storage was cramped again and a bit untidy but half way through that seemed to be sorted (good job all!). Same complaints as last year on the toilets - they need doing up badly in there and our regulars have mentioned it throughout the year as an issue that needs addressing.

We had a bit of a cramped queuing experience at the top of the stairs but overall not too bad once people realised the system. We didn't ticket any of our shows if I remember correctly so didn't experience that side of things.

Thankfully this year we weren't as tight for time - we managed pretty well with setup most nights but we had some AV troubles affecting a lot of performers in the room early on. The Banshee staff were brilliant as usual and tried to fix things as they went on. Seemed to be a faulty video switcher. I offered to club together donations to try and replace it from all the performers but that didn't really go anywhere at all. Eventually the staff sorted it and managed to put something in place for the rest of the month but it did seem to require constant attention. Maybe it's worth suggesting this gets looked at next year - happy to help with this.

And now... the biggest news of the year. Thanks to skeptical audiences nationwide and the wonderful people at The Skeptic Magazine we won an award for best event or campaign of 2017 for our entire Skeptics On The Fringe run. It's our second award for the event and we're all dead chuffed. Can't wait to do this again next year... oh god next year!

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