17:10 Banqueting Hall, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FLOOD

17:10 Banqueting Hall, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FLOOD

Postby David Lee Morgan » 25 Sep 2017, 18:31

The Banshee Labyrinth is a fantastic Fringe venue – and great year round as an alt rock, film venue.

Playing there in the Fringe is a dream. Great tech, friendly, helpful staff and a location just off the Royal Mile. The sound is clean (two speakers, but mono only), as loud as you want, and if there are any technical difficulties the staff jump right in and fix it. There are four ceiling lights that can be adjusted by hand to suit your show needs – just be sure to return them to their original position after you’re done.

The Banqueting Hall is the smallest room. It seats around thirty comfortably, but more can be squeezed in. It has an informal feel that lends itself well to spoken word, and it doesn’t take big numbers to make it feel reasonably full.

The biggest downside is the open door coming off the hallway. Noise from the hall can be a problem, but usually not until the evening – and with the great sound system, you can just crank up the mic to drown it out.

There is a storage room, suitable for leaving flyers and small props. It’s unlocked most of the time, so easy to access, but not suitable for storing valuables.

The Banshee is a great place to hang out when you’re not onstage or leafleting. It kind of an unofficial headquarters for spoken word, and it’s great for ending up in interesting conversations. The staff are more than just friendly and helpful, they actually go see some of the shows too, sometimes more than once, if they really like a show.
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