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1:10 Andy Onions PowerPointless

Postby AndyOnions » 20 Sep 2017, 10:00

Having gigged for a number of years with 2017 being my 4th time up at the fringe, I have played my fair share of out of the way venues with spit and sawdust on the floor and unfriendly bar staff. The Banshee Labyrinth is NOT one of these venues, it's an absolute dream! I LOVE everything about the Banshee! For a start, the entire staff is friendly and helpful. Dave Morrison, the manager, took personal time to help me set myself up and gave me lots of really good advice consistently. All of the staff were friendly and accommodating even early in the day! The pub itself is really cool, decently priced beer and a lovely haunted vibe in a ridiculously good location between Cowgate & the Royal mile. There are 3 spaces inside the venue and I was privileged enough to be in the cinema room (as my entire show needs a projection screen). The cinema room is a beautifully designed, tiered bench seating room with a nice stage area to run around on. I would not have picked a different venue if I could choose from ANY in Edinburgh, it suited my needs really well. Most importantly, all of this allowed me to have a wonderful Edinburgh experience with an excellently received show and make and build friendships with comics and muggles alike ;) The Banshee awesome! :) :D
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