12:50 Peter Brush:A Worms Guide to Immortality (Chamber Rm)

12:50 Peter Brush:A Worms Guide to Immortality (Chamber Rm)

Postby peter brush » 05 Sep 2017, 15:35

I love this venue, the staff are excellent, helpful whenever I needed them but also fully behind the free fringe, going that extra mile really, they were great.

I was in the Chamber Room this year, which is a great space, it's used year round as a venue so it's really well kitted out for lights and sound and visual effects (screen) if you need them. It holds around 50/60 people seated. You couldn't want for anything more really, it's a perfect venue. No noise bleed, properly contained room (so no people wandering in and out because they're lost).

I had no problems with the room or venue at all throught the run, at times I think the room itself (like most rooms in Edinburgh) could get hot but I was the 1st show of the day and so I don't think I suffered with this much due to no residual heat from the show before. There is also air conditioning which minimises this problem anyway, so it is certainly not as much of an issue as it can be elsewhere.

This was my second year at this venue (was in the Cinema Room last year) and I would love to come back again. Thanks to all at the venue at at PBH for making this year possible.
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