20:40 || Raise the Bar Spoken Word 'Poetry Versus' (BH)

20:40 || Raise the Bar Spoken Word 'Poetry Versus' (BH)

Postby rtbspokenword » 02 Sep 2017, 12:26

Hi all. As in last year’s show reports, I am delighted to report once again on an excellent experience at the Banshee with Raise the Bar’s new show ‘Poetry Versus’ at the 2017 Fringe, our second time at the Fringe and second time in this magnificent PBH Free Fringe venue.

The Banshee Labyrinth BH is a fantastic venue, and the HUB for spoken word. Last year we had the 11:05 – midnight late slot, this year we were at 8:40 – 9:40pm from 16th – 26th August. We preferred this slot as it is early enough to be accessible for everyone, and this reflected in the diverse audiences we brought in. It’s also late enough that people have had dinner, but early enough that people haven’t committed to a late night event yet or gone drinking/clubbing, so it’s an ideal time. We also found there was less outside noise this year as we were on a bit earlier. It can get busy outside the room, but it’s nothing that a slight PA volume adjustment and good mic technique can’t combat, and definitely isn’t enough to put you off. Weekends are the busiest nights in the Banshee, it means your chance of a full house is better but also more noise, so if you are booking different acts every night I’d definitely recommend the louder and most energetic performers on these nights!

The Banshee staff are amazingly helpful, and most of the setup is done for you. We have a few props and a banner we’d set up every night, but the seating and PA is all done, and the adjustable lighting behind the curtain is very easy to use. The downstairs storage room is also a gem, especially if you have props you want to not lug into town every day, and you can keep all your flyers and posters down there too.

Most of the shows in the room are spoken word, if not all of them. It’s a great community to be a part of, so definitely make the most of it and help each other out. Especially in terms of finishing promptly for the show after you, and also helping them to usher people into the venue and get people into the room while the artist sets up.

It’s a great room and atmosphere, couldn’t recommend it more!
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