Ross Hepburn Is Beetlejuice'd 18:40 Chamber Room.

Ross Hepburn Is Beetlejuice'd 18:40 Chamber Room.

Postby StandUpRoss » 30 Aug 2017, 10:43

To perform in the chamber room this year at banshees was an absolute dream. The room was already layed out and set up beautifully for eac act one after another to turn up amd get ready to perform

I had alot of really lovely crowds at my show. It could be be down to the earlier time slot which was perfect to get the right amount of punters in for the show. Never had a day where i had less than 6 people in the room. Had no problems with running over with the acts.

I had alot of fun this year with my show. With a good time slot in a great room i made the most of it. The staff at banshees were always as supportive and friendly to help out. Cannot say a bad word about them or the place. Heres to next year for hopefully the same results.
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