00:45 Jay Handley's Fat Penguin Late Show Chamber/Banq Hall

00:45 Jay Handley's Fat Penguin Late Show Chamber/Banq Hall

Postby JayH » 08 Jan 2018, 00:36

Excellent and very busy venue. Load of people milling about all the time :)

On Niddry St just off the Royal Mile/Cowgate which has a number of other popular venues to exit flyer.

Excellent, helpful staff

My show was in the Chamber Room sun-thurs and the banqueting hall fri-sat

It was a stand-up showcase and I was happy to book some really great acts from all over the world.

Chamber is a near-perfect 50 seater room with brilliant stage, sound and lighting.
Banqueting hall is a smaller 30-35 seater. Its great but has an arch rather than a door at the back so there is some sound bleed... This didn't particularly effect the stand up for the most part but if you're a fan of pregnant pauses and ominous silences they will more than likely be punctuated by yells and chair scrapes. Especially if you have a later timeslot.

The stage is tiny too so if you want to move around alot it might be restrictive.

Shows went great. The punters were by and large remarkably warm and switched on considering the shows started at 00:45. Good buckets!

Highly recommended!

Hope to be back next year :)
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