Fantastic pub all year round - had a great time

Fantastic pub all year round - had a great time

Postby attilathestockbroker » 31 Aug 2017, 09:41

Ideal for me since it's a punk/metal venue in the evenings, one I have perfomed at regularly on general tours, and I felt very much at home. Christian and his staff were lovely, audiences great, not just for me but for most of the other people using the space, though I'll leave them to speak for themselves of course. My second trip back to the Fringe after 20 years away, inspired to come back by the PBH Free Fringe, absolutely loved it, well done everyone and despite an incredibly busy all round schedule as performer and organiser i hope to be able to help a bit more next year if help is needed. Thankyou PBH, Paul B Edwards, Matt Panesh and everyone involved. After 40 years in the underground DIY punk scene I can tell you that the PBH Free Fringe is probably the best organised DIY event I have ever encountered, and I've seen a few.
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