The Show between Shows show

The Show between Shows show

Postby USOL_comedy » 31 Jan 2018, 20:39

Full run - 8pm

A decent sized room for free fringe comedy, it held about 30 at max. We filled in a few times over the run but had a workable amount in for most nights. With the addition of lights and a PA, it's a perfect space for comedy. It's worth noting that the room connects to storage space for the bar so there were occasionally staff walking through during our sets. This isn't really a problem for comedy (it was usually an added laugh) but I could see it being problematic with plays or spoken word. That being said, the staff were pretty considerate about picking a time to come in. They didn't really have a choice if the bar was packed though.

Excellent location, just off Grassmarket, lots of passing foot traffic. We managed to get walk ins almost every night, simply by standing outside the venue.

Really nice staff, very friendly and helpful. Decent drinks.

Not a huge problem for us but would need to be managed under certain circumstances. There's quite a tight stairway that leads to be room which also connects the toilets to the bar.

Overall, I great place, I'd be very happy to return here in '18.
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