Spon Trek: The Next Improvisation

Spon Trek: The Next Improvisation

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Spon Trek: The Next Improvisation (21:15)

Nice sized room for a capacity of about 30 people but could feel reasonably full with 15. Stage was large enough for us to do our improv on just about, though it did require the people on the front row not to stretch their legs. Also a nice space at the side of the room which acted as a convenient wings area and for storage. Not completely concealed from the audience but good enough for our purposes. Issues were that sometimes the staff had to come through mid-show to access the store room at the back and noises from the bar upstairs could often be heard. These weren’t exceptionally disruptive though, just something to be aware of that you may have to work around.
Just off Grassmarket is very convenient and decent for punters. One slight issue is that it’s not the only place that comes up if you put “52 Canoes” into google maps which definitely confused some people so a map on the flyer is a good idea just to be safe (though hopefully this will be resolved by next year).
Bar upstairs is pleasant, staff were friendly and helpful when we talked to them. They also accepted a delivery for us to the venue which was nice.
A bit of an issue for us. We needed some time before our show to set up our props so we were inclined to keep people out of the room whilst this was happening. There was a set of stairs for this purpose which was fine but occasionally created an issue and a little confusion when people also needed the toilet, at the bottom of the stairs next to the room. There’s no real way of resolving this issue but just something to be aware of that it may not be ideal if you have a large set up time (we only needed 5-7 minutes but with people arriving before the last show finished etcetera it did have a tendency to build up).

Overall a good venue to work at with a stage well suited to shows with relatively few performers but with a nice offstage area and convenient location.
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