ARLEN: Gold Standards, Speakeasy 10th and 24th August

ARLEN: Gold Standards, Speakeasy 10th and 24th August

Postby arlenscotland » 15 Sep 2016, 10:36

This is our second year at the Voodoo Roooms, and the Speakeasy was absolutely perfect for us - small enough that the audience filled the space, big enough to be a proper performance area with stage, lighting, sound system (set up for spoken rather than singing voices, but Jhed, the sound engineer who freelanced at the Voodoo Rooms kindly brought in some extra tech for our second show) and relatively comfy seats (especially round the sides). Thank you to the Voodoo Rooms staff for being fabulous.

Any issues were due only to us only having two shows rather than a regular or full run. Because we were not there, we don't know at which point our big poster was removed. We assume people thought that we had finished already after our first night :) Our audience was very keen to chat with us after both shows and because we are not hardened/seasoned nightly performers we were not assertive enough in getting them cleared ready for the next performers. Next year we will be more ruthless. Bucket takings were excellent. We printed very few flyers because it was only two shows, and in fact noone said that they came because of being handed one. People definitely used the app, but the WBB was visible in the hands of many audience members, so, yes, get the picture and spiel right and it does the job brilliantly.

Everyone found us without a problem, guided by the directions from St Andrews Square and then ushered by nice people on the stairwell, so we didn't have to chase around shepherding prospective punters.

We LOVE the Voodoo Rooms, please let us come back to the Speakeasy next year!
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