Laurence Owen: Cinemusical (Ballroom)

Laurence Owen: Cinemusical (Ballroom)

Postby LaurenceOwen » 06 Sep 2016, 18:20


This was a 3-night revival of my PBHFF show from 2015, a movie-themed musical comedy adventure story.

Show Time

I performed on the three Mondays - 8th, 15th and 22nd - at 9pm. Couldn't really ask for a better timeslot than that. By that point in the evening, I've found the Voodoo Rooms gets busy no matter what day it is, so you'll very likely have as good a time on a Monday as you would at the weekend I think.


The Ballroom is a very impressive space indeed, perhaps the most visually striking PBHFF room I've ever seen, with a capacity of 120-150 I think. Bands play here all year round and you can really tell, the setup is very good and permanent. The stage is a great size, and although there is constant traffic from the VR kitchens which are stage right, the venue put up a partition along the length of the room, which means this is not a distraction, and also provides some very spacious backstage area too. The only disadvantage of this room is the heat, which can get pretty stifling if the room is full. There is some air con, but it doesn't seem to make a lot of difference. This is a nitpick though - to be given a room like this for free is an incredible privilege.


The sound is powerful and clear, and there is a massive array of lighting to play with. There's even a huge disco ball on the ceiling (which had a broken motor this year but might be fixed in the future) and a massive star cloth along both side walls. In this venue, it is vital that you have a tech for each show. In the Speakeasy I've had no trouble teching my own shows, but in this room, the tech booth is right at the other end to the stage, and I don't think there's any way you could do it on your own unless your tech was very minimal.


As this was only a 3-date revival of a show that enjoyed success last year, I decided to take a gamble and not produce any flyers. As it happens, it did pay off, but this was a little risky, I'll admit! I did print off 6 posters to go up in the venue, and I did go into the main Fringe programme, which I have found is where most of my audience comes from, though this may not be the case for everyone. I also mentioned this show in my bucket speech at the end of my other daily show in the Speakeasy, so that contributed to the word of mouth. I managed to get completely full houses on the 8th and 22nd, and about 60% capacity on the 15th, which I was very happy with.


The 3 audiences were great (especially the first bunch), and seemed to be a mixture of people who had seen it or heard about it last year, and people who were coming off the back of my new show. The three buckets came to £260, £207 and £355.

Colleagues shows

I followed John Otway each Monday and found both him and his roadie to be very friendly and helpful each time.


This is a spectacular space, and I was very pleased to be able to revive last year's show in a bigger venue for 2016. Delightful!
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