12.30 PUNel show - Speakeasy

12.30 PUNel show - Speakeasy

Postby Mark Simmons » 02 Sep 2016, 09:44

Voodoo rooms - Speakeasy

The venue looks professional and is run professionally. Speak easy has a nice big stage, row seating close together, and plenty of standing room at the back. This room would be ideal for stand up and also a Panel Show like ours. You could fit a good number of audience in and was still not a problem with sound as we did not use microphones.

The set up for a panel show is not what they were used to but the venue made special effort to help us find what we needed. They found some old speakers for our guests to sit on and some small tables that had been left over from a previous fringe. They could not have been more helpful.

My biggest surprise was they had designated members of staff to help organise the queues for each show. Not only is this helpful for us performers but also gives audience a great impression of the place as soon as they step foot in through the door. These members of staff were great, always knowledgeable and friendly.

We only had one technical issue and this was resolved straight away by a member of staff who came over and pressed a button.

My concern before the run was if the venue was too far out of the way to get an audience. I couldn’t have been more wrong, we were full nearly every day and most people came from seeing us in the brochure, wbb or the app.

The storage room is quite small and shared so I would be aware of this if your show has a lot of props. But the other performers were all respectful of people’s things and the storeroom was organised well.

I would definitely bring a show back to this venue.
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