Eddy Brimson: Up The Anti French Quater 18:35

Eddy Brimson: Up The Anti French Quater 18:35

Postby Eddy Brimson » 01 Sep 2016, 15:38

My first time at the venue and what a great place to be.

First off the door/queue staff were fantastic, really well organised, very supportive and just great people to be working with. Also all of venue staff were brilliant to me throughout the run and made me feel really welcome.

I was the room captain but the room was set up on arrival and the Voodoo Rooms even sorted out the take down.

The French Quarter was perfect for me as I was doing a straight stand-up/story telling show. It holds around 70 I'd say, any more and it's getting a bit tight but even with 20 in it worked brilliantly. Most of the time I did the gig without the mic as it suited the show and the punters were fine with that. Crowds were pretty good throughout and very busy at the weekend when the room could become very hot.

I did have a flyerer but not on the Saturdays as it just filled itself. I also gave flyers out at the venue door for about an hour beforehand which definitely helped.

Overall the Voodoo Rooms couldn't do enough for you. It's a fantastic venue and a very classy bar that pulls in decent people. I didn't have one heckler or drunken party throughout the run which says a lot for the calibre of the venue and the staffing at the door.

It's worth pointing out that this is an over 18's bar. I was listed as 16+ on one website (My mistake) and this did need sorting out as some people turned up with kids and were turned away.

A huge thank you to all at the Voodoo Rooms for making it a great festival and to those at PBH for giving me the opportunity to perform here.

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