Luke Closely (& Listen) - Ballroom 1205

Luke Closely (& Listen) - Ballroom 1205

Postby Luke Closely » 08 Mar 2017, 12:26

I live in Edinburgh and have performed on the Voodoo Rooms stage many times with bands and been to see many more gigs there also. I was delighted to get the chance to perform my own show on this stage. The room is lined with elegant, fairy light filled, black curtains, and a big disco ball on the ceiling. The american bar functions as a pre-show room, where people cue in and wait for the door to be opened into the main room. When your show is finished everyone has to leave even if they intent to stay for the next act, this is great for you as this means everyone must walk past you holding your bucket to get out! There is a storage space which is locked at night, I left my magic case, tables and keyboard everyday. There is a backstage area, or really a side stage area separated by a black curtain from the audience.

Sound & Light:
The Voodoo Rooms is a venue throughout the year and the ballroom is therefore equipped with a powerful sound and light system. For your show you get 2 mic's and 2 DI's and access to the lighting rig after instruction from the house engineer. A man called Tom helped me and my tech team out and he could not have been more helpful. He left us his number which we used when we ran in to trouble just people show time one day as my guitar would not come through the PA. He sorted it over the phone no problem.

Other Notes:
The staff were great, very friendly and approachable. My show was first of the day and they tried there best to open the doors for 1145 to allow time for people to get in and settled before my show was due to start.

My show time was early and this became a challenge for numbers through the week. There are a few reasons for this: I had not paid for marketing or done any press, I only had flyers and even then I did most of that myself in the beginning. There was and is construction work going on that has blocked off easy access from st andrews square, this of course was disruptive to number for everyone but there was not a great deal that could be done. The Voodoo Rooms did however realise this and put up signs and even made a video showing people how to get the the venue - having a map on your flyer is probably a good idea. This was my first Fringe and being first on in the room allowed for a stress free morning where I could take 30mins to setup if I needed it - nobody else had this luxury.

I quickly realised how important a bucket speech was after the first few days. It makes such a difference, the first sunday I had 50 people in and made about £110 and then a tuesday of 20 people i managed to get £190, which is almost £5 each thanks to a prepared speech comparing £5 to the price of a good pint, mocha chi latte or whatever other else.

Overall a fantastic experience. I became friendly with many of the other performers there, learned a great deal from everyone and I am looking forward to seeing them all again and watching as many shows as I can! Thank you Free Fringe, PBH and everyone involved. See you all soon.
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