7.15pm Rowena Haley: Three Chords and The Truth

7.15pm Rowena Haley: Three Chords and The Truth

Postby RowenaHaley » 04 Sep 2016, 19:33

The performance space was a good size for a fringe venue and appeared to work out alright for the range of shows that were on. I believe you could fit about 50 people in there comfortably and the more popular shows managed to fit in more.
The room did get very warm - even though we had 3 fans on all day.
It also got quite messy with empty glasses as there only appeared to be one member of staff on the bar downstairs. All acts were good at helping to clear glasses but it did take up set up time and on a couple of occasions I found myself cleaning up broken glass and spilled drinks before my show.
There was no secure storage at the venue. They did let me keep my guitar in their kitchen during the day but I didn’t want to risk leaving it overnight.
The main toilets were upstairs next to the performance room. There was a disabled toilet downstairs but it wasn’t clearly signed and didn’t have a lock so wasn’t very appealing to customers. I did have the odd person wandering through my show to use the facilities on quieter days.

The venue did install a door for the room to limit the noise coming from downstairs. Unfortunately this was completed just before the very first show on the first weekend but we were able to start on time.
For most of the run I didn’t have any noise issues. There was one occasion during the last week when I had to halt my show briefly to ask them to turn down the loud club music (that was playing to an empty bar) – they did do this but then turned it up again after 10 minutes.
Also - on the last Wednesday the management’s decision to construct a new doorway during the afternoon – complete with power tools and wet paint - was really inconvenient.
This was only 2 occasions in 3 weeks so not a major issue for my run. I am aware that the last show had a lot of trouble with noise though.

I would do my flyering on the Royal Mile and on Cowgate. I found that approaching people with the Free Fringe Programme worked well on the Royal Mile. I had mixed results with flyering outside the venue. There were plenty of people walking along Cowgate but I often got the impression that passers-by found the daytime disco lights and dance music coming from the bar entrance quite off-putting.
The bar management were good with letting us put our posters up around the venue so people were aware that there were shows going on.

My audience numbers really varied. The 7.15pm start time clashed with a lot of popular shows so it was quite challenging for me– this was my 5th festival and the first time I have had to cancel a show due to lack of audience.

Overall I think the bar was in a great location and the space was good size but it wasn’t being used to its full potential.
All the other acts at T-Bar and Sabor were very nice and supportive over the 3 weeks. Nick Hall was also a very good Venue Captain.
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