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BBC Family Documentary

Postby sarahbbc » 02 Jul 2010, 12:09

BBC2 is making a 60-minute documentary about British families going on holiday in the UK this summer. Over the last year, the number of British families holidaying in the UK has risen by seven million. We feel a film about this growing trend will give us a wonderful, warm and engaging glimpse into our country in 2010 – and we hope that taking part in the making of the documentary will be a lot of fun.

We would film you embarking on and returning from your holiday in the car – but we would not ruin your hols by filming you on the holiday itself!

Instead, we would show your children how to use small digital cameras, for them to keep a video diary of their holidays. We would then aim to include some of their work in the completed programme on BBC2.

* the holiday/trip must be in the UK
* taken in August or very late July
* destination must be at least a 2 hour drive in the car
* the family should be in the same vehicle
* at least one child is over 6 years old

If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch with assistant producer Marco Crivellari in BBC Documentaries.
Tel: 0208 008 2862
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