Reviews, what are they reviewing?

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Reviews, what are they reviewing?

Postby DenisKrasnov » 16 Aug 2012, 12:04

What are these stars? What are they measuring? Is it Artistic Quality? No. Talent? Definitely not! The Amount of Work put in it? Wrong again. So what is it than?

It’s very simple. It’s your MARKET INDEX, like those digits running in the bottom of the screens on the NASDAQ Building on Times Square (“RS 1.00 DK 5.00”, reducing the artist to just two letters! Rick Shapiro, you shares are down to one star! Sell! Sell! Sell!—the floor traders are screaming.) It’s The Comedy Wall Street, and it’s Industry Analysis and Rating Agency. (I sense that Steve might get offended, but he shouldn’t—he’s doing a great job. And I’m talking about Chorlte specifically, only because the other reviewing sites are not worth talking about—they have no consistency, low quality, and they have no particular importance for the industry.)

The stars are measuring your MONETARY VALUE!

When comic’s rating goes up, it means that he (or her) is a safer bet for the investors. Look at the ratings now—it’s so transparent, it's so true! That’s the way capitalism works! Someone is playing the game, and someone is cashing in on it. The market is a self-contained entity, it’s driven by the profit—the big guys want to make sure that they put their money on the right horse, and they’ll pay for it.

Those who are not profitable get one star, and those who’re a sure bet get five.

So if you’re not happy with you stars, think whose site you’re on—the one’s who create, or the ones who play? The ones with the money, or the ones with the talent? Reviews are here to make money, that’s all.

And when you’re reading a review (of yourself or someone dear to you) please remember that what you’re reading is the small print in a yellow Wall Street Journal, a business report. Don’t take it personal.

What’s in it for us? Nothing? For us it’s all the same—we stay poor, cause we’re the artists, La Boheme who die in a ditch, we like it that way, cause we get more fun, and we are happier!
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Re: Reviews, what are they reviewing?

Postby Robbie Johnson » 27 Sep 2012, 13:12 ... _worthless

Happier? Now you're La Boheme. In the article above you kept talking about how all the acts in the Free Fringe were crap.

Why are you even posting here?
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