The Steampunk Tempest by Some Kind of Theatre

The Steampunk Tempest by Some Kind of Theatre

Postby Some Kind of Theatre » 17 Mar 2017, 15:51

Some Kind of Theatre
The Steampunk Tempest
Sportsters Bar

The first thing to say about our experience with Sportsters was that all of the staff on site were incredibly helpful. Despite the switch from the large space downstairs due to flooding we felt supported and welcomed by everyone we encountered.

The space that we had was the upstairs bar, and it’s possible that this report will not be as useful to future groups as it was an energency space and not the performance space that would normally be used.
What we can report is that the location of Sportsters is excellent. Just outside Waverly Station and just down from the Mile we could not have asked for a better position. It’s perfectly placed to catch the crowds on the mile for advertising and just off the mile so that people can feel like they are getting a bit of a break from the crush.

Everyone there was helpful in terms of setting up and they were very generous with space, allowing us to use a space to store all of our set and props, which was a godsend for a small organisation like ours.

Between the welcome from the staff and the efforts they went to to make the space work I can only say that any group going in to this venue is in for a good Fringe.

The location also clearly helped with the audience as we were forced to turn people away on several nights after squeezing in as many as we safely could. The presence of a busy bar may have contributed to people’s enjoyment of the show, but it certainly didn’t result in any rowdy patrons or any noise disruption.

We are hopeful that we would be welcomed back to Sportsters for future Fringes and would look forward to replicating our success from 2016 in the bigger space once it has been completed.

To everyone at Sportsters and the PBH Free Fringe, thank you and to anyone reading this to se if this is the venue for you then as the only people mad enough to put on a Shakespeare Play in the venue this year we had an amazing time.

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