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Mirthquake ran for the full month here at 4pm. We were a three man show with a mixture of standup and musical comedy.

Good Points:
- The staff were friendly and helpful.
- The room was a decent size for 30.
- The pub had fair footfall and we often got a few people in from the bar.
- We were allowed to put up posters and flyer the table.
- There was a TV we could hook up to a laptop to display visuals.

Bad Points:
- There was no door to the room so sound bleed from the bar and the banging toilet door right outside the curtain was a major issue. On weekends this was particularly problematic and we would have seriously struggled to compete with the background noise on weekends had we been on any later. We got a review that marked us down on this factor as the reviewer sat at the back!
- The location is a bit of a trek from cowgate. However you can flyer-intercept people heading to The Pleasance, Arthur's Seat or Lidl!

How we did:
Mirthquake was in the main guide and this definitely contributed to us having turnouts in double figures most days. We "sold out" 3 times but these were probably our worst performances as they were on the weekend when the bar noise interfered with the enjoyment of the back rows.
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