18:15 - Patrick Turpin: To Me, You Are Perfect

18:15 - Patrick Turpin: To Me, You Are Perfect

Postby patrickturpin » 31 Aug 2016, 12:39

- The venue - Sneaky Pete's is a small nightclub on Cowgate, along a row of club venues (Opium, Movement, Cowgatehead etc), close to the Cowgate entrance to Underbelly.

- The performance area - The venue is all in one room. The door on the street opens to the performance area, with a bar section at the back of the room, before the 4/5 rows of approx 40 seats begin (space for another 20 or so to stand at the back). This can cause a bit of disruption on quieter days, as people sometimes wonder in chatting loudly. Generally speaking, when they realised a show was going on they shut up, but sometimes I had to halt the show and deal with the distraction.

It has a raised stage (no wings/backstage area), that offers pretty decent elevation, so if your show incorporates stuff on chairs or stuff on the floor (?) then it offers great sight-lines.

- The team of staff at the venue - Staff were all great. Usually there was just one barperson on duty. They were always very helpful. Nick (the manager) was very accommodating with tech and promo questions. I felt looked after.

On the rare occasion when drunk people bowled in half-way through the show the bar staff were great at either kicking them out, or asking them to be quiet.

- How you advertised your show - I was registered in the main brochure, handed out about 3000 flyers, and also put posters around the venue. The venue tweeted about it too, and popped show details on their website.

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - Can't complain at all numbers-wise. They were good throughout (a little quiet on the last week), but every Friday and Saturday was rammed. It's in a busy part of the city, so it's always possible to entice an audience during the 15 mins before the show.

- Your show itself - Best show at the festival.

- Buckets - Can't really complain. Younger people give less. Older people generally give a bit more. Always good idea to be specific about an amount of money they have to work around (£5 in my case).

- Technical set-up at the venue - The technical set-up is brilliant. The onstage mixing desk allowed me to plug sound into the main venue PA (which included onstage monitors that allow you to perfect the mix/levels).

Lighting-wise, there was a small lighting desk at the bar that was operated by a techie that I hired myself. It was basic but offered decent cover, and we were able to play around with different lighting colours at different

- Admin & Communication process - Great communication. Silky (venue captain) was great with any messages that needed to be relayed.

- Any other learning points for anyone involved - No storage at the venue. So had to carry my bits to and from my flat every day.
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