silk upper Olly's Got a Match

silk upper Olly's Got a Match

Postby ollywatson » 14 Oct 2016, 19:16

So this was my first fringe and I had a ball.
I don't have much to compare Silk with but the staff were top notch, Sara and Ben were loads of help with the set up each weekend, the venue was cool inside and I couldn't ask for much more.
As for problems it's the same as everyone has mentioned, getting people in.
There was no walk by traffic and 12.30pm was a hard time to sell, plus you couldn't get into the venue until 12, I had to lug my blue books from miles away.
Hopefully this year was better than last year and next year will be better then this, but maybe a few more big hitters, slightly later starting times, and more signs would help.

Cheers olly
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