Silk Middle - Safe Places and How To Ruin Them

Silk Middle - Safe Places and How To Ruin Them

Postby Connor Macleod » 09 Oct 2016, 13:45

The Idle Playthings, Bath Spa University's comedy society performed our sketch show "Safe Places and How To Ruin Them" at 12pm from the 6th to the 27th of August.

When we first showed up to Silk during the induction afternoon, our group accidentally went to Silk Lower rather than Silk Middle and so we did not have any idea what we were supposed to do on our first day to help set up our show. The fact that it took us less than a quarter of an hour to learn what to do from our venue head and the Silk staff on hand is a testament to their skill and helpfulness.

There were few days where we had a dissatisfying audience, and the staff at Silk was always friendly to our troupe as well as the public and they were very consistent in helping us set up our show (ours was the first of the day). We had zero tech, but we were asked to set up microphones and the sound box for the later shows which was slightly annoying, but only for the first couple of days when we were still getting used to the fringe schedule.

There were only a few negatives we could say about the venue: The door to the stairway often slammed and, because of the size of our troupe we had to place our backstage right next to the entrance to the room which was more peculiar than bad. There were a few days when the Silk staff wouldn't let us into the venue until 15 minuets before we had to put our show on which was difficult as it meant we had minimal time to set our show up, and we had to try and convince audience members who turned up early to stick around with the troupe outside the front of the venue. Aside from these points, there were only a handful of other issues, such as the very loud air conditioning being left on a few sketches into the show.

In conclusion, apart from a few minor issues, our group loved performing in the venue. We had consistent fun and the cavernous and multilayered nature of the venue allowed for a lot of experimentation with the staging of the show. The staff was friendly and helpful and the crowds we were pulling were often wonderful. I would definitely recommend the venue to any sketch troupe.

Connor Macleod, President of the Idle Playthings
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