Silk Lower - Children Of The Revuelution

Silk Lower - Children Of The Revuelution

Postby ellen_wootten » 25 Sep 2016, 14:44

The Warwick Revue performed our sketch show: Children of the Revuelution 6th-20th (not 11th) in Silk Lower at 14:15.

There were so many positive things about performing at this venue: the venue had a really good (and charmingly makeshift) tech setup. Decent size stage and audience layout that worked well for our show. Other venue acts were really sweet and easy to talk to, and so door duty seemed like it went a lot better than it did last year (we were at the liquid rooms annex). Was good to have the space to store props, this was easy enough to access as long as you didn't mind running up to the middle bar and asking the staff to let you in.

Bad things: Door slamming from the toilet area next to stage was a frequent distraction, along with some occasional bar staff noisiness, which did reduce as the run went on. Kinda out of the way and not well sign posted at all which obviously affected audience numbers at times (though less than predicted, to be fair).

All my interactions with the venue, venue captain and PBH were very positive and we are all very grateful for the experience this gave us.
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