SILK Middle - Royal Holloway Presents: Am I Right? - 15:50

SILK Middle - Royal Holloway Presents: Am I Right? - 15:50

Postby rhulcomedysociety » 19 Sep 2016, 13:25

We performed from the 6th-20th at SILK Middle and had a very enjoyable experience. This was our third show up at the Fringe with PBH and it is safe to safe this was our most successful show. We only had 2 bad days and regularly had about 10-15 audience members. It is worth noting though that this took a lot of flyering effort and future acts should be aware that the fact that the venue is slightly out of the way means it is harder to pull in last minute audiences from people walking past.

The staff were very friendly and accommodating and the space was nicely laid out. Overall, I think SILK middle is the best out of upper, lower, and middle. There was room for a large audience so future acts should take into consideration that if you regularly get low audience numbers the room is going to feel pretty vast and empty. When you get a big audience though the venue is fantastic and feels very professional. It even has a little area behind the stage for backstage work and acts to wait. It was perfect for our stand-up act, as well as larger drama productions.

In the end we raised a fair amount of money and had our most successful show to date; I think we put on a great show. We were very happy and looking forward to heading up to the Fringe with PBH again very soon. Thanks.

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