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Postby Francesca Day » 07 Sep 2016, 21:42

Overall the venue was good. There is capacity for about 50 people, although the configuration is quite long and thin so people at the back are quite far from the stage area. There is not a raised stage, but on the plus side the floor is very easy to clean. The middle floor is where the bar is, which is another plus! The vibe of the venue is perhaps less good for traditional stand up than a pub, but it worked well for my show. The room gets VERY warm, and the air conditioning is too loud to have on during a show.

One thing to bear in mind is that we were not allowed to store another other than flyers in the venue on club nights (Thursday - Saturday) - all our props had to be moved elsewhere. They were fine with us putting loads of posters up on the ground floor though. The storage room was locked at all times, but staff were very helpful and it was very quick to find someone to open it.

Silk is a little bit out of the way, so there isn't much foot fall right outside the venue. I didn't do a lot of flyering and still got pretty good audiences through social media and the WBB, so it wasn't much of a problem. I know some other shows got crowds flyering on Grassmarket too, which is very close.
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