Garibaldi - Silk Upper

Garibaldi - Silk Upper

Postby garyfromleeds » 01 Sep 2016, 09:55

The room where performances took place was decent, and with the addition of a spotlight, would be really good. Alas, the performance space is the darkest point in the room. The sound system was good.

Unfortunately, it was pretty tough to get audiences to SIlk, and tough for those that did make it to the complex itself to find the right room. There is very little passing traffic on Kings Stables Road, signage was not very good, and many audience members testified to having difficulty finding the place. Then, performances were often interrupted by punters seeking out the toilets.

The bar staff seemed like nice people willing to have a cordial chat. They were also as flexible as it was possible to be with storage, given its a working nightclub - though I might not recommend this venue to shows using a lot of props, unless you're staying close to the venue. Overall, though, it did feel like you as a performer were more of a curious inconvenience to all concerned with the club than a worthwhile reason to open doors during the daytime.

With a few changes, I think Silk could be a decent place to hold shows. The improvements would mainly be about signage. With some sort of board at the end of Grassmarket advertising 'XXX Free Fringe shows' and pointing the way, and better signage helping people navigate within the venue, things could massively pick up. However, after reading similar reports to this one about Silk during last year's Fringe, I'm not sure whether these changes will happen.
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